Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Im not sure if this has anything to do with what this blog is supposed to be about... in fact I'm not even sure what this blog Is supposed to be about, but there is just something I must get off my chest:

Dear JLO- Please, we get it, you're perfect. Your hair is perfect, your makeup is perfect, every last little stitch of every last over-the-top ball gown you wear is perfect. But for God's sake, all this perfection is making me nauseous. Calm it down, let your hair get a little dissheveled, lighten up on the makeup, maybe even let your (Gasp) natural color grow in a bit (who said that!?). What you're missing is any sense of effortlessness. Whatever the opposite of effortless is, that's what you are, and I for one just can't take it anymore! Its gross! And I must confess, its one of the reasons why I just can't bare to watch you in movies. Nothing about you comes across as real, you're just JLO playing a character that no one really believes. So I beg you, infact I plead with you- please, just be real! Being the glass doll in the ivory tower is not interesting or appealing, its annoying. I mean, I want you to win JLO, I even gave you a thumbs up on that cotton candy frock you wore to the Oscars, so help me help you and let's just tone it down a bit...ok?

Yours Truly,


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