Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miuccia Miuccia Miuccia

Speeeeaking of lovely things... Madame Prada debuted the Miu Miu collection last night and it was as magical as ever. She kept with the theme of young girlish innocence, but there's always something retro about her clothes and this collection was no exception. The word that comes to mind is sweet. The models looked literally like dolls, retro barbie dolls, reminicent of 1960's Twiggie, walking down the runway in their ultra girlish clothing adorned with flowers, jewels, bows, and ooo scalloped edges!
But it wouldn't wouldn't be Prada's show if there weren't some element of hidden sexuality. The skirts and dresses were cut straight across the buttom and flounced up with every step the girls took, the bodices were cut down to there and then adorned with a bow, and just for giggles I suppose, she threw in a lock and key belt to really preserve a girls innocence. The shoes looked like the girls were carrying a bouqet around their ankles and there were not just one, but two boes at the tip of there square toed shoes. These are small details, but then the splendor of Miuccia's collections always live in the details. Its what sets Miu Miu apart and make this line, at once, playful, innocent, sexy and forever young.

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