Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double yuck

I just wanna say that whomever came up with this should be shot. I mean that. Thats all. Double down? How about double up...on nastiness. Eew, no wonder America has the first generation of kids expected to die younger than their parents. That shits just wrong. Ok now thats all. Im done.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shades of Summer

I am greatly anticipating a very exciting time of year. That is Coachella music festival in sunny Coachella California. Im so excited for this I can hardly stand it. What strikes me though is how il equipped I am for the occasion. Short shorts- check. Short dresses-check. Bikini-check. Sunglasses- Uh oh. Well that thought brought me to this- My favorite shades for summer. Here's mine and some of my friends top picks. Which are your faves?

Norma Kamali cat eyes and Dolce and Gabbana cutouts
 Both of these lovely pairs from Karen Walker- plus I love the way shoot was styled, its so California and cute

Alexander Wangs take on retro and Proenza's blockers

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stella McCartneys Meat Free Mondays

And in more 'why we love Stella McCartney' news: Stella and father Paul have launched Meat Free Mondays with the debut of a Stella McCartney for Gap Kids tshirt that will be sold exclusively at Gap stores in London. These ones are for boys, there is a leaopard print one for girls which I am still on the prowl for. These boys ones are super cute so shame we can't get them here in the states, but I really applaud her efforts. I am a meat eater, but since I only eat organic, locally raised meat, I'd say I end up being a vegetarian about 85% of the time. If I do find a restaraunt that sells burgers made from organic locally raised cows, I usually go for it just because its so rare (no pun intended). So for me its more like meat free monday-saturday.
But whether you agree with her reasons or not, I think its nice to support humane treatment of animals and relieve some of the impact mass meat production leaves on the planet and on the animals themselves. If you want more info I definitely reccomend watching Food Inc. Loooove me some Stella McCartney.