Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Row

Once I heard someone say in reference to the Olsen's clothing line, The Row,  "Those girls bug the shit out of me but their clothes are perfect."

That always stuck in my head because A. It was funny, but B. I thought, what a compliment that actually is.

And actually, how true it is. Not the 'bug the shit out of me' part, because I actually really like them. More so after working with them and finding them to be almost abnormally normal. I worked with Ludivine Poiblanc and she styled them for a portrait for Katie Grand's LOVE magazine. Up until the shoot I had all these expectations of how they would be. How far removed from society, quiet, secretive, and cocooned into a little world of their own in which no one else existed. But as it turned out, they were cool as cucumber. They chatted openly about where they live, designers they like, life at the office (where they spend most of their time apparently), Whole Foods, the decision to move back in together because they spent all of their time together anyways... They were so open and normal, I was almost shocked.

That gave way for me to take a truly objective look at the work they were doing at The Row without any of that 'another celebrity trying to be a designer' bias I had previously. I always thought they had great style, even though I probably would never have said it outloud, but as we all know, great style does not a designer make. So over the past few months when working on jobs, I slowly started to include The Row in my requests, what I knew they were great at was basic simple tees and tanks, just the extra bits and bobs you always end up needing on a shoot. But then when working on ad jobs that required me to do pulls at Barney's, I kept coming across their full line. And the verdict? Well, as it turns out, aformentioned dude was right, the clothes are Perfect. Yes capital P.

Its sort of like... and this might sound really bad, but its a really big compliment actually... The Row is the American Apparel of high end fashion. Ok so before you go jumping to all sorts of conclusions about what that means, and recalling not so good images of polyester jumpsuits into your head, let me just explain what I mean. The Row is a one stop shop for any and every basic wardrobe element you could possibly want. The perfect blazer, the perfect little black dress...leather skirt, trench coat, leather jacket, soft beautiful tshirts and tanks, wool wrap coats for winter, silk slip dresses and to top it all off, almost everything comes in my personal favorite color palette of black, navy, grey, and white.

Now lets be honest, I was slightly underwhelmed when I saw the show on for FW10, there wasn't really a WOW moment for me in it all. BUT! We must keep in mind that this is not the place you go for bells, whistles, and woohoo, this is the place you go for key wardrobe pieces in quality fabrics that you are going to keep forever, and thatg you will likey be wearing over or under your woohoo pieces for seasons to come, even as your favorite woohoo pieces are going out of style. These are clothes that don't go out of style, timeless, classic, and chic... for two girls who worship the ground Francisco Costa walks on I think its very safe to say Costa would be proud.

Some looks from fw10

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've realized that ive just got to STOP overthinking this blog. I started out just writing about whatever little thing sparked my interest or struck my fancy (I like that better), and then at some point I started over-anylizing what I was writing about and if it was smart enough, sophisticated enough or interesting enough. Well, im over it. So now Im just going back to what I like and want to write about, and some will care, others won't be able to care less. But hell! Its a blog! Not the New York Times! So ya wanna hear it? Here it go...

Current obsession:

So the other day, I'm walking down my street to the 99 cent store, as I often do, and as I am crossing my street I suddenly see someone hop out of an SUV, which as I get closer, I realize is...GASP!...Alexander Wang! Now, I know, I know, I can't make up my mind about this kid. I'm into him, I'm over him, all in one article (if you can call these articles), BUT! that was all before my friends and I spotted him at Coachella, and then proceeded to bum rush him for a picture. It was in that moment that I realized how much I truly love him (single tear). So all this brings me to my actual point which is my current obsession....

Well obsessionzzzz.

1. The Alexander Wang leopard spotted Diego bucket bag
2. The Alexander Wang Anoucke Beatle Boots from pre-fall

Now I don't happen to currently have an extra two grand lying around, (living bicoastal aint cheap). But, when I do, and that's a when not an if, they are on my list of must-haves. I told ya'll Ive got a thing for the leapoard and it can not be controlled. And as if that weren't enough, it has feet! Little metal feet on the bottom of the bag...ugh so good. And those boots, I mean...comeon...need I say more? What can't you wear these with, better yet, what won't I wear these with? Especially come Fall?? The answer is nothing...on both accounts. Btw- Just to keep it extra Wangy, they've got metal in the cutout of the heel, just a little detail love makes aaall the difference.

I love you Alex. I hope we can put our troubled past behind us. Swooooon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Artist is Present

Artist Marina Abromovic is engaged in a performance art peice and she wants You to be part of it. The exhibit, entitled "The Artist is Present" involves Abromovic sitting in a chair in an open space with football stadium lighting and an empty chair across from her. That is, until the long winding line advances and one of the many patrons who have been waiting patiently before the museum opened its doors, sits in aformentioned chair. Then begins the interactive portion of the exhibit... People who have taken part in the performance art exhibit have described it as an emotional experience. You sit across from her, and eventually, like a Barbara Walters interview, participants get choked up. Tears streaming, one at a time, the defeated calmly gets up and walks away offering the seat to the next challenger.

But don't be fooled. This is no staring contest. So what is going on in Marina's head, body, energy, to evoke such a response? And what prompts her to, at times, look away and put her head down in a suggestion that certain patrons leave the seat? All of these questions are exact reason people continue to line up and wait patiently for hours. Because by all accounts, its just something you have to experience to understand.

So what is the point? I'd like to know, and Ill assume you would to... Well, by the artists own admission, this isnt really about the audience, per se. Its a study on the longevity of performance art as a medium. What happens if one performance artist, performs the same exhibit day in and day out for three months, as Abramovic is currently doing for the first time ever. Is it the same show by day 60 as it was at day 2? And what happens if said artist passes away, does their art survive them, can it be replicated, recreated? And most importantly, I suppose, what is the audience member taking away with them when they leave a performance art show?

Well, by accounts of this show, audience members are taking away a provocative experience, causing some to re-examine the way they interact with others on a daily basis. "I sit across from people on the subway everyday" said one visitor, "and I never really look at people...their feelings, their expressions, the emotions, its all there." Well, Marina's intentions may not have anything to do with social change, but for the audiences part, people seem to be walking away with a profound experience, that has altered the way they interact with others... Atleast for the ride home anyway.

Buy tickets

Picture c/o

Monday, May 10, 2010

Paolo Roversi is trying to kill me.

Ok so lets face it, everything I post on here is the most beautiful, most amazing thing I've ever seen (to date anyways), or else what's the point of me posting it. So- I won't preface this the way I normally do something that leaves me breathless, that is "What can I say about this?", Yes- I do realize I say that alot. But seriously, sometimes something is so remarkeable so awe inspiring that I think, what words can I possibly put together to form what kind of sentence, that would be equal to the beauty my eyes are beholding? Well, such was the question in my head when I saw... this...

Vogue Italia April 2010 Paolo Roversi "A White Story"

Have you ever seen anything so beautifuly lit, ever? In your life? For a "white story" there is so much color and depth and fullness. I'm not a photographer nor do I have any aspiration to be, but if I did, I would study everything that Paolo Roversi ever did, because as far as Im concerned he is the best of the best. He's remarkeable. Obv not just based on this story, but this story would be cause enough to make that statement.

I throw rose petals at your feet Paolo Roversi. I just want to gently rub my cheek against yours. Wait is that a weird thing to say? Ah whatevs.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feeling green?

Ive been sick for the past few days and since the seasons are changing, I suspect I am not the only one.

This time around I happen to have learned a few things along the way (thanks to mom and a few pals) that I think would be helpful had I known from the beginning, and so I thought appropriate to share... so when the bug creeps up on you, you can squash it in no time.

Warning: These are homeopathic remedies, I am not a case anyone was fooled into thinking I was. Also, the word 'mucous' is used often, so if you're not sick, you may not be ready to read this kind of info.

1.Cut the Dairy and Sugar Immediately:

These are the two ingredients that are imparitive in creating mucous. I'm always shocked at how many people don't know this, but dairy especially, is the main participant. Mucous in turn is what causes congestion of the sinuses, soar throat, and eventually wiggles its way down into the rest of your body to cause that all-over ick feeling. So if you're sick, yogurt, milk and any other dairy products will only help to prolong your illness if not make it worse.

2. Spit don't swallow:

I know its kind of gross but please, when you start to feel the mucous in the back of your throat, the last thing you want to do is swallow it. That's the stuff that is making your throat hurt, head hurt, and nose stuffy, and eventually, once it creeps down into the rest of your body will keep you in bed with aches and shivers.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar can save your life:

If you have throat pain, like most people do with any kind of cold or flu, know that the throat is the gateway to the rest of your body. Gargling with applecider vinegar can help with this, it doesn't tast great but it will kill that god forsaken mucous, and relieve some of the soarness in your throat. If you swallow a little of it, it'll get to the parts of the throat gargling doesn't reach.

4. All hail the Netty Pot:

A Netty pot can be your best friend. It will help drain the mucous in record time before it takes over the rest of you and leaves you out of comission for days at a time. You can get one at CVS or Duan Reade or your local drug store.

5. Your body Heals while its resting:

So sleep as much as possible. Anything you can do to help yourself relax and rest is for the best. Sleep inducing medicines like nyquil can help with this.

6. Take it Easy with Epsom:

A bath with Epsom salt can be really soothing when you've got the ache's all over or if youre just feeling cold and having a hard time relaxing. The epsom salt helps relax the mussels.

7. Air it out:

Take a short walk or atleast get out for a few breaths, it will rejuvenate you, sometimes laying in the same place for too long just keeps you feeling ill.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Met Gala

I'm back! again. I've been pretty under the weather lately so I took a short hiatus, but I'm back and could not move on without a mention for the Met gala.

So there were alot of catastrophes on this red carpet and there were a lot of stunners as well, as opposed to going on for way too long about looks that were lackluster or just plain bad, Ive decided to condense to my top fave 10. Short and sweet is always better I think. I'll let you turn to for the total review of the 100 or so looks. Here we go.

Numero Uno! The stunner, the look that I j'adored- and I rarely say 'j'adore' was the one, the only, the girl who has made me love her with just one outfit, see I'm not so hard to please. Duh duh duh duuuuuuunnnnnn.... Alexa Chung in 3.1 Philip Lim with Senor Philip Lim himself. She came she saw she squashed the competition.

 Numero dos! Camilla Belle in Jason Wu. Now I know she looks a bit traditional ball gown red carpet, but something about this dress on her, transcends the normal mundane ball gown-ness that we would normally get from say a Penelope Cruz or Vira Farmiga. She looked pretty stunning. A young Sophia Lauren I think. Extra cred for wearing red, in accordance with the "American Woman" theme.
Numero Tres! Amber Valleta in that blue RM by Rouland Mouret. That gorgeous vintage inspired blue with her blue eyes, jewelry, shoes, all perfect. She looks amazing, and again extra cred for wearing blue in accordance with the theme.
Cuatro! Gwen Stefani in a gown of her own label, if not design- L.A.M.B. She always looks great and always throws a little bit of her ska princess vibe into the mix. The shiny pewter fabric of this dress gives it a little edge, and again, hair, makeup, etc, all check.
Cinco! Emma Roberts looked really cute and age appropriate in Marni. Looking very Miu Miu if I dont say so myself. Either way though, I love that she looked great but didn't try too hard or try to look older than she is, which often happens with these types of soirees. Simple hair and makeup topped this look off. Two
thumbs up Emma.
Seis! It should be noted that I am biased. Liya can do no wrong in my book. I think she is the most beautiful woman there ever was. So now with that out of the way, she rocked this look by Rachel Roy, somewhat of a departure for Rachel from the usual hum-ho gowns. Good on her, and no one better to rock it than Liya. Hot. Rachel however, Im not sure whats going on there. Ill leave that alone.
Siete! Jessica Alba wore a gorgeous silk Sophie Theallet gown, she looked beautiful and regal. That fabric looks like liquid rose gold. Classic and beautiful without being boring. love.
Ocho! Sienna Miller looked hot in down-to-there, up-to-there Pucci, in that very familiar Sienna Miller kind of way. She sort of always looks like this doesn't she? A little boho, a little casual and undone. Its her thing, I get it. She looks hot so Ill give her cred. Plus she wore jewels by Solange Azagury Patridge, and for that alone she gets my vote.
Nueve! Chloe Sevigny rarely doesn't make my best dressed. I think she always looks great. This teal, lace dress, while being very un-Proenza, was infact designed by the design duo. She looks good, not great to be honest. Maybe this should have been a top 8 list :/ Her shoes are super cute though.
Y Diez! And last but most certainly not least, I give my number ten spot to the unsinkable Grace Coddington, just because she shows up to say 'I'm here, Im the best damn editor living or dead (my opinion) and I dont give a f** so im wearing a black sheath and flats. Deal with it.' Ha! Love her. And that red hair, so good.
That's my wrap-up, who got your vote?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anybody out there?

Ok so there are a few things.
1. Yes Im aware that I havent blogged in about 2 weeks now. actually I think we're approaching 3, but who's counting.
2. The Met Gala last night, so much to say, so much to loove and a few things to loathe (youd think it was Kristen Stewarts lot in life to give me material.)
And third....the image that has snapped me out of my boredom and altogether indifference toward anything going on currently, and brought me hurriedly back to the blogosphere...well.... you just look for yourself... There's alot to cover so lets get started, shall we?
First up, this is Joan Smalls in "Shrink to Fit" by Steven Meisel for April Vogue Italia... also in this story, Amber Valetta, Abbey Lee, Angela Lindvall, Lara Stone, Freja Beha and a few others. HOWEVER... this image in particular actually caused me gasp and fall back on to the bar stool behind me. And that is not an exageration for effect. I literally had to sit. Grant it, the picture quality here is not as great as it is when you see the real living image in the magazine, but you can get the idea. She looks amazing. And that gorgeous lighting, her skin looks like porcelain. Its done like only Meisel can do it. The story is a series of portraits featuring models wearing clothes way too small for them. A parody of the ongoing controversy in which models are continuously forced into way too small samples. Leaving them with the option to "shrink to fit" or hit the road. Of course the third option would be going the way of Crystal Rehn and say F it and go up 4 dress sizes, all the while raking in more cash than most of your underweight counterparts combined, and being hailed by Oprah... If you should be so fortunate that is.
 Ive been oooing and aahing over Joan Smalls since I saw her in the fw10 shows, but word around the way is that she's been on the scene for a while doing well in money-making catalogue but just recently hit the big time. And if anyone was unsure as to her future in this business, Steven Meisel has come along and cemented her handprints into the model fast track. Catch her if you can.

Next up, the Met...

Click below to see more of Joan and the gang.