Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can we please have a moment of silence...

For Prada? Because, why do I love this woman so much? Well, this is why. It's like, who does this? She is the reinventor of reinventors. She takes these things, like chunky knit sweaters and brown tweed, and square toe platforms, things that we all categorically decided were on the fashion don'ts list and makes them current again, if only for the sake of challenging our notions of what "fashionable" is. Only she, only her, the one and the only, I wish I could sing her a song. Love love love. And the glasses! With the eyebrows!? I Cant. I just cant. Ok, excuse my babbling and gushing, now I'm going to attempt an actual review.

In spite of the fabrics and prints all being so played down, the silouhettes were quite sexy. There's an emphasis on the bosom in all of the dresses with the ruffles, the wool sweater/skirt sets are all synched at the waiste, and let us not forget those strategically placed darts. Its all quite ironically erotic. But its done in such a subtle, around-the-corner- and-through-the-backdoor kind of way. Its almost like a well covered joke, Here is this demure, lady-like, covered up collection, but there are all these details, ie. the placement of the ruffles, the aptly placed darts; Your eye see's one thing at first glance, but your mind still see's something quite sexy, even if you don't realize it right away.
Its because Miuccia Prada is a genius. Oh, I'm doing it again. Back to the review. With Prada, the sex appeal is never obvious, but always deliberate. Her collections are often a hard pill to swallow at first, but like a month later you're looking at the collection on for the 5th time, going, Oohhh yeaaahhh, wooooow... those dresses made of chandelier crystals are amazing! Meanwhile Miuccias already moved on to the next trend she's decided to create and having a quiet chuckle to herself. She's just in her own lane, up the street and around the corner. She is an inventor. Ugh, ok sorry, Im stopping now.

P.S. I do realize this show happened like 3 days ago. I just didn't want to go on without paying my respects. Loooooove you Miuccia.
Pss. Does this collection make anyone else think of Mary Tyler Moore? Maybe that's why it makes me so happy.

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