Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview Exposed

Well here I was, thinking, 'what am I going to blog about now?' And then, walking into my deli to buy, yet more ice cream, (because that was so neccessary) I see what? THE NEW INTERVIEW! (Insert thunderous applause here). So, first of all, the cover is beautiful, a Mert and Marcus picture of Lara Stone, and she's lookin hot, in that retro yet modern pin-uppy way she does so well. I didn't bother to read her interview, because I just didn't have the energy, plus I was too captivated by crappy reality TV (how crappy is it if you continue to watch it? I ask myself constantly). Well, regardless, the Lara Stone pics on the inside, (styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, who I also love, the most rediculously chic woman I've ever met in my life, seriously she makes me feel bad about what I'm wearing everytime I see her) were beautiful. Lots of nudity, which, I think used to have a bit of shock value and now I'm just finding a liiiiiiiiitle bit redundant, especially since I feel like I've seen Lara Stone naked almost as often as myself. Although I haven't decided if this is an intentional move on Interview's part; To do nudity so frequently that its no longer shocking to the average person, a social contribution of sorts...which I would actually get, and am, in this moment, deciding that I really like the idea of... OR- if its just redundant nudity thats lost its shock value because its been done one too many times for anyone to care anymore. Either way I like it. I actually don't think this was the point of this blog, I've gone off on a tangent. But! since I have I should show the pictures. They are beautiful...

Love that woodgrain backdrop, very minimal but still has a warmth to it.
My actual point was, that that all brought me to THIS! The little gem of a story in the back, a feature on Miu Miu! Miu Miu is like a combination of young innocence and grown up quirky sophistication. Its like the best of all worlds. There's something about it thats very Peter Pan, as in forever young, not green body leotard, and I love that. Its clearly Miuccia's idea of what is sexy for a younger woman... not overt, the hems are definitely longer than the ones you'll find at Balmain or Wang, but theres these cutouts in the sides, paired with fabric that is printed with birds or kittens, or nude sexy ladies. Its all one big contradiction, which is what Miuccia does so well, makes sense of things that aren't supposed to make sense. She's an odd woman, and I like her.

Thanks to fashiongonerogue  for the Lara Stone pics
Thanks to SunRainey for the Miu Miu pics

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