Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lagerfeld Gets Low

Buzz around the Lower East Side is Karl Lagerfeld is shooting the Chanel FW10 campaign in the hood. And by buzz I mean the dozen or so locals whispering and taking pictures with their camera-phones while trying desperately to look unimpressed, on the other side of my local coffee shop window. The models were clad in what may best be described as furry mammoth boots, (you know the ones from the show with the ice block heels?) and fur woven tweed coats, along with an unknown male in this get-up...
So what brings Lagerfeld, along with Stylist Alex White, and models Freja Beja, and Abbey Lee to the corner of Orchard and Broome on a Wednesday afternoon? Thats what we'd all like to know. But my best guess is Karl Lagerfeld is attempting to drive home the point that Chanel is no longer just a label for Ladies who lunch... if he didn't already accomplish that feat with queen of angst pop Lily Allen performing at the SS show, and the endorsement of Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes DJ trio as one of many ambassadors, he's definitely attempting to cement it in our brains this time around. And how better to do that than to bring the campaign to the LES, a neighborhood that was once known for heavy drug trafficing and gang violence in decades past, (and not That far past) and is now synonamous with the hipster "downtown" fashion scene (whether 'hipster' is negative or postive term depends on who you talk to, so lets just make it neutral for the sake of this article).
Lagerfeld's ladies-Leigh Lezark and Lily Allen
Point is the Lower East Side is walking to a brand new beat, and that beat was likely made by a new indie band or hip downtown DJ. Take for example Orchard st, which is home to Alexander Wang who lives across the road from lil' ol' Yours Truly; "Still Life"- the dope custom hat shop (yes I said dope); and vintage shops aplenty. And just a couple blocks up, Refirmation, which does amazing reworked vintage; sister store Veda (the best place for leather anything); and shoe boutiques carrying independent lines up the wazoo. Despite quips by locals that this isnt the same neighborhood they once knew, I for one think its great that this has become a place where the young and the brave feel like they can spread their wings and really give-it-a-go. Some may thrive, some barely survive, and some go as quickly as they came, but nevertheless its exciting that their are places like this for dreamy eyed fashion kids to showcase their talent, and attempt to make it big in the city of dreams.

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