Monday, March 8, 2010

And the winner is...

Not Charlize Theron. What is she doing?! Ugh, I'll come back to that in a sec.
At last- the time has come! Now where to begin with this award show... Well, for starters, I found it all a bit flat. I mean there were some nice dresses, and some not so nice, but generally it was a pretty Safe (notice capital S) red carpet. Most came in typical award show ball gowns and there really weren't any head turning, jaw dropping, stunners. Like remember when Hilary Swank was nominated (and won) for "Boys Dont Cry", and she wore that backless dress that looked like it had been cut on her body?! It was like, Wow! There was no wow factor for me this time, that's what was missing. Lots of prettiness but no wow. Anne Hathaway who is normally a red carpet fave of mine, because she always seems to hit the nail on the head, was M.I.A. this year, and so were alot of the actresses who usually bring the ooo's and aaaah's. One who was there, however, was Charlize Theron.. which brings me to this little disaster...

Now, before anyone gets crazy with me, let me just say that I love Charlize Theron, she always brings it on the red carpet and is willing to take risks, which in my experience have almost always worked out for her. However, this year was not like the others. She looks stunning, but people, don't look into the light. She's a ridiculously gorgeous woman so she could wear a potatoe sack and she would look amazing. But if you put your thumb over her head and really just look at the dress itself, I'm sure you'll agree, or atleast see my point. Thumbs down for this one Charlize. Those satin rosettes on the bodice are a little too far apart, and generally, there's just not much wow factor to this dress. Love you, your amazing, this wasn't your year though.

Of course we had Zoe Saldana, who wore the Riccardo Tisci gown with the sequined bodice, that was stunning from the hip up, but from the hip down, I'm sorry Riccardo but I just thought it looked a big old mess. And its not even so much about all the ruching down there, it was a combination of the ruching, the awkwardly placed slit, and the color gradiation, that made for a eye overload. I did think she looked pretty though, I got where she was going and I applaud the risk.

Miley Cyrus looked age appropriate, pretty and sparkly. I like that she didn't try to look too grown up. Very nice.
Kristen Stewart actually managed to force a smile this time around. And not only that but she put a little effort into what she looked like, and ya see that Kristen! It worked! She looks good, the dress is pretty, its simple, she's in black which is fitting. I wouldnt have expected sparkles, so I think this is great for her. She picked a dress that is well fitting to her body and her style. Good job.

I can't with these two. I just can't. Don't you just want them to be your parents? They're amazing, and so beautiful- both of them! They are beautifully and approriately dressed, as always, and I love that they both let the grey hair roll in. This is graceful, beautiful aging, and I think most of Hollywood could take a note or two.

Speaking of which...Demi Moore is actually kind of freaking me out a little. Is it just me or has she all of sudden aged like 10 years? The hair is wierd, that peice hanging down in the front is not working for her, and the color of that dress is not helping. At her age (and this isn't a coment about her age, its about her specifically) she out to be wearing colors that are a bit more bold, dark or bright is best, I think. These flesh toney colors somehow make her look older. Which would be ok if she were a woman who wanted to look her age, but I think we aaaall get that Demi's trying desperately to pull the wool over our eyes, so help us help you Demi, champagne is not your color. And the cut of this dress is not helping things, the waterfall of hair with the waterfall dress, its all a little too messy. Better luck next time.

Sandra Bullock looked lovely I thought. The color of this Marchesa dress was really nice, I really like that metallic vintagey feel with the sequined bodice. The only thing I didn't love was the hair. She looked nice, but I think pulling it back off her face all the way, or letting down all the way with a Veronica Lake wave would have been nice. This is a bit in between and so its neither here nor there. I'm not a fan, but the dress is really pretty and she looks like  winner.
Penelope Cruz looks pretty...plain....pretty plain. I feel like Penelope always wears dresses like this. And of the ones she's worn, this is not my fave. Its nice, but there's nothing special about it. Typical ball gown, Vera Farmiga style. Not impressed Peneople, let's try harder next time.

Now the thing about Kate Winselt is, she has perfected the art of dressing for your body type. She has it in spades, its a science, all those other phrases that mean you know what youre doing... She just looks perfect. Its not my faaaave dress she's ever worn, but she's not nominated, she's not in any movies that were, so she's taking a back seat while still looking perfectly appropriate and beautiful. Good one Kate.

JLO looked great. She does the pretty pretty princess thing very well. Iredescent pink Armani Prive, which from certain angles (this one included) looked like her hip was throwing up- but no matter! She looked gorgeous and the dress fit her to a T, plus that extra bit of fabric on the hip is what's making it interesting so I'm not gonna get all fussy about that. The hair, makeup, jewels, she always gets the whole look. The right hair for the right dress isn't neccessarily a given, it seems to be a big struggle for most actresses to figure that little combo out, but she normally does it well.

Seriously Cameron? Ok, now the thing is, this is a beautiful Oscar de La Renta dress. The dress itself is great, and I don't even think its sooo bad on her. But something about it just looks like she's too old to be playing Empress Bride Barbie in glittery get-ups like this. And that hair is not helping her situation. Its all a bit too much, she's looking very country, if this were the CMA's she'd be dead on. But its not. Thumbs down.

Some may beg to differ, but I looooved Maggie Gyllenhaal in the strapless Dries Van Noten. This is why I love her. Who have you ever seen on a red carpet where Dries Van Noten, no one! Or atleast I haven't. The point is, Maggie Gyllenhaal where's designeres like Dries, Lanvin, Jil Sander, she always takes the fashion road, and I love that. Not to mention this dress is gorgeous and looked gorgeous on her. Theres a train in the back which is hard to see in this picture but the fit and color were perfect. She looked beautiful and glamorous but not froo froo, I can't stand froo froo.
Speaking of froo froo. Something about this dress reminds me of those curtains your grandma has, the ones with the extra bit of fabric at the bottom thats a bit wavy... anyone? Ok, well anyway, I do think the dress is pretty in that Cinderella fairytale typical Beauty and the Beast ball gown kind of way. There's just nothing cool about it. Its a bit to pretty with no edge. Its just a standard ball gown, and based on the dresses she's been wearing lately I take it thats what she likes. I don't though. I'm going to have to pass on this one.

Carrie Mulligan looked lovely in Prada. I loved the legnth of it, shorter in the front, train in the back, with jewels on the bodice, and the chandelier earrings with the short pixie hair was a great pairing. She looks modern and young and still beautiful. She got it right.
Diane Kruger was looking like a hot mess. Usually she looks great and she's a girl who always goes for the fashion choice; Typically Chanel, and she didn't stray this time. This particular Chanel though, the choker around the neck, the black and nude combo, I just didn't think it worked for this occassion. She could have gone a bit more glam.
WTF SJP?! I mean seriously, what is going on here? I love Chanel as much as the next girl, well maybe not as much, I tend to waiver. Anyway, what is this about? Her hair was looking like she stuck her finger in an electric socket at one point, and this dress, the column with the heavy metal details on top and the random scarf on the neck. I just didn't get it. I know people keep associating her with some elevated sense of fashion because of Sex and the City, and I get that she does love it, but she really ought to love her way into Rachel Zoe's office and get some help, because this is not going so well. Sorry SJP.
Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab Haute couture, this was the best head to toe look. Hair, make-up dress, the colors, the fit, everything about this was perfect, but still effortless and young and earthy. I thought she looked gorgeous. She gets my vote.

Could Meryl Streep have looked any better? She looked like a dream in this white long sleeved Chris March number. Meryl always dresses appropriately for her age, and there's always a Meryl signature about it. Its not a run of the mill ball gown, it fits her, its simple and she looks amazing. As if she needs anymore praise, but I'm going to give it to her anyway. Beautiful.
Jake Gyllenhaal has my vote for best dressed male. I normally don't  pay much attention to the males because honestly, the difference between best dressed and worst dressed usually comes down to a matter of centimeters in the width of a lapel or bow tie, and that's really, for me, not so interesting. Let's face it, this one's for the ladies. But Jake Gyllenhaal looked particularly great in his Burberry suit, so I thought it worth mentioning.
I really thought Katherine Bigelow looked great in YSL, particularly because she dressed appropriately for her category. She didn't get all bedazzle crazy on us or do some extravegant fish tail. She kept it classy and sleek and very director-esque. And she looked great.
Gabouray Sidibe (so glad Oprah finally taught me how to say that) picked a dress that worked well for her. I thought the fit and the draping was really perfect, but it would have been nice if she picked a brighter or perhaps lighter color for a bit more skin/dress tone contrast. Although a lot of times the color just doesn't translate right with all those flashbulbs, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I would have preferred to leave the flower vine applique's at the door though, it makes the dress look a bit old fashioned. I'm sort of on the fence about this one I guess. Fit and draping yes, color and applique's not so much.
So! To re-cap!

Prom King and Queen
And the royal court
Let's face facts, these were the ones I thought stood out... positively. But generally, it was all a bit of a snooze, where's Bjork when you need her?

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