Saturday, March 27, 2010


Solange Azagury-Patridge is a London based jewelry designer with an attitude. She is a relatively new find for me. I discovered her delectable jewels on the aforementioned shoot for Elle through the aforementioned Polina. I borrowed Solange's "Broken Heart" ring for Kelis, who reacted by commenting that she was "so annoyed". In Kelis language, I found out, that means she loooves. Well for that matter, I am reeeally annoyed too Kelis, because Solange Azagury-Patridge (try saying that 5 times fast) is, as it turns out, the jeweler of my dreams.
MaryJane, Love, and Smartie Poison rings

She makes rings that, in swirly cursive, say things like 'love', or 'f**k off',  depending on one's mood of course (I'll take the latter), and her heart pendant necklaces are not the typical cookie cutter shape, but molds of the actual organ. Outside of that though she just makes jewelry that is incredibly thoughtful and honest. Its interesting and quirky and sassy, and that for me equals love. I just can't believe I didn't know about her sooner. The good thing too is alot of the jewelry is chunky so if you're looking for jewelry for a shoot you don't have to worry about losing it in a picture, this stuff is definitely stand-out. Aaand more importantly, if you're buying a gift for a loved one, (a very loved, very lucky, loved one) its so unique that you can buy for a specific person, personality or even in memory of some funny moment, because each peice is created so uniquely. The broken heart ring Kelis wore is actually two rings to be worn on neighboring fingers so that when you move your fingers apart...thats right- the heart breaks. Aaaaah she is so clever! :) She also makes cool rings to hold...ummm...sugar..? Well whatever your poison, there is a flashy yet descreet ring for it. I feel like Solange is sort of like the Tim Burton of jewelry, its all a bit dark, (in mood not color) and seems like its been created with an odd sense of humor. Now if we could just get Johnny in on this equation I think we'd all be happy.

Broken Heart, Offering and Mirror box rings

Union Jack and Big Fringe
                 Random                                     Heart of Gold and Bleading Heart pendants
Ball Crusher earrings, Garden of Eden ring
Opal Fruit cuff (for the hippie in you)

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