Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animal Magnetism

So before I was so Ruuuudely interrupted by Karl Lagerfeld and the Gang, what I really wanted to blog about was... Spots! Thats right spots, leopard ones to be exact. I have a general obsession with all things leopard, especially layering leopard; leopard on leopard like that Chloe suit Hannah MacGibbon did for Resort 2010.... Ooohhh so good. And it seems as if leopard is back big time, which brings a smile to my face that I wish you could see... :) 
Etro and Balmain
It is my theory that leopard is the black of the animal print world. Even though it peaks trend-wise in certain seasons more than others, it seems to never reeeally be out. Which is great news, because I'm always so tempted to buy say a leopard boot vs a black leather one, or dare I say, a leopard coat vs a standard black, but I hesitate knowing that I won't lose the black one to a trend two seasons from now, because lets face it, if your spending too much money on a pair of shoes or a coat, the last thing you want is for them to go out of style 4 months later.
Chloe's double's up for Resort 2010
But! The point of this crazy rant is to say, Fear not fashion babies! Leopard is here to stay! Never again should you hestiate at the register when choosing between pony hair leopard print booties or black ones. In a season of minimalist scaled back dressing, leopard was one extravagence that was not spared. And I'm taking this as a serious indication that my favorite kitty is a mainstay we can count on. I wish I knew how to make a heart on this thing.
Dolce does it right and Pucci's play on the classic print

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