Saturday, March 6, 2010

Like a Rolling Clone

Siiiiiighh....I don't have much energy for this post. Unfortunately Christophe Decarnin's Balmain presentation has done nothing to re-energize me. Once again, we got rock 'n' roll; Rock 'n' roll dresses, rock 'n' roll pants suits, sharp pointy shoulders, gold lame, plenty of shine, necklines down to there, hemlines up to here... Am I having dejavu? I mean, I'm not saying it wasn't hot. It was definitely hot. Capital H. In fact, they're exactly the kinds of things I would L-l-l-l-ooove to wear out, any night, anywhere. The problem is, fashion shows are meant to inspire- new season, new ideas, breathe new life into the atmosphere. Even if its a re-creation of the old, it should be a new invention, a new adaptation at the least. This however, I cringe to say, was last seasons collection, done again, with slight alterations, and richer fabrics. From look to look, I felt like he took one pattern and cut the same dress 10 times and changed the embellishments. And I must confess, I actually thought to myself, 'I think I've seen that at Topshop'-GASP! Blasthphemy! I knooooooow...!  I don't want to think such horrible thoughts, I really don't! Really, its a shame, because I do love Balmain, and I do hate to speak poorely of the collection, but alas, I can not tell a lie! And well, the proof is in the pudding, take a look for yourself.
 On a positive though, despite the My-Rockstar-Barbie like interchangeable outfit duplicates, I did like the glam rock star gowns with the high slits and low cut neckline with wide waist belts, I can just imagine the celebrity stylists offering up their first born to get their clients into that one first. I also appreciated that he made the effort to do pants suits, they looked like the ones Mick Jagger and his crew wore, a hot pant suit for a hot young chick, maybe it wasn't ground breaking but it was atleast new for him, and the suits were well cut, nice and slim with a flair that's ever-so-slight to just cover the shoe and elongate the leg.

The clothes are definitely cool, and in the wearbility category he gets 10 stars out of 10, which is worth alot considering the cost of one of these hot little numbers. But there is a fine line here, making clothes that are wearable and pyt's (pretty young things) want to be seen in, that's great. But please, let us not forget that this is not topshop, where catering to the current trend is not only neccessary, but part of the job description, this is the house of Balmain, a major fashion house with a major price point, so as much we love the dresses that would make any girl feel hot and sexy, we also want to see something new, something fresh that, while whithin the same motif perhaps, is atleast somewhat innovative.

So all in all, not bowled over, but the looks are hot, and wearable and I'm sure they'll be popping up on a red carpet starlette near you very soon.
Balmain's pantsuit
  Ok, have we gotten sharp shoulder's out of our system now...?

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