Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cool

Stella showed her fall collection today and as usual it was absolutely perfect. I don't know if I've ever had anything bad to say about a Stella show, but looking at her clothes just makes me so happy. This is probably the show above all shows that I look forward to every season, because she just always always always gets it right. She makes the clothes that I want to wear, clothes that I want to live, breathe, eat, and sleep in. Not only that, but above all she makes things that are interesting and she continues to grow and evolve as a designer.

Alot of times it seems the more "wearable" collections are not always as popular editorialy, because wearable can sometimes negate interesting or dynamic. Stella however, has mastered that fine line. She makes the clothes women want to wear and editors want to shoot, and all the while she manages to keep it cruelty free. Its a feat, that back when Stella started at Chloe and shared her love of animals, and advised that none of her designs would ever use animal products, most people scoffed at. The idea of no leather, fur, suede, snake, or any other of the luxury products animals provide in this industry, not being part of her collections- EVER, was so beyond most people's brain wave, that she was dismissed by many. But Stella has never waivered, she's one of the most talented designers working today, her bottom line is steady if not climbing, and she's done it all while standing for what she believes in. This is no fashion fairytale, this is a woman on a mission and I'd say mission accomplished.
This season Stella presented slim slacks with patent, kitten heel sling-backs, and the knit cardigans which she always does so well. The slim pants and sweaters were enough for me, I was already frothing, although I wish the kitten heels were just a simple flat, because they'd be a bit more universal, the kitten heel is really only for a very specific business woman, and that, I am not. This is super chic, smart dressing, with strong tailoring and I'm sorry Isabel but as it turns out this is what I want to wear everyday.

Here's my Best Of...if 'Best Of' means things I want in my closet right now, immediately.
Just a little throwback to my fave Stella collection ever, this is SS09. I still have dreams about this one sometimes...Ooh, that sequined jumpsuit brings a tear to my eye...

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