Sunday, March 7, 2010

Smooth Operator

Anne Demeulemeester's Fall collection was pretty fierce. Anne has mastered cool confidence in a way that other designers can really only hope to. Its a combination of the strong tailoring with the laid back feeling of mismatched buttoning and slouchy draping. Its an effortless effect, while still managing to look totally put together and chic. Traditionally she sticks to a color pallette which is a personal favorite of mine- Black, a couple of times she added in hints of camel and pops of red. But she continues to stick to what she loves, and that, I like.

It got a little crazy with all those feathers in some places (above), but it is a show afterall and I will take it for the dramatic effect for which I presume it was intended. I doubt we'll be seeing these feather laden peices when it goes to production, well atleast I hope not. There's a very cool and confident feeling about this collection, and since shopping is an emotional experience; We buy clothes for the way we presume they will make us feel- It is that feeling that Demeulemeester has perfected and women are looking to her for. Let's hope it translates.

The Looks I loved

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