Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Wang or not to Wang

The thing is, I am an avid Alexander Wang supporter. Yes we've had somewhat of a torid love affair, but its been a love affair nontheless. So when I opened up style.com with all of the excitement of a 5 year old on christmas morning, I was a bit shocked and dismayed to see reconstructed business suits parading down his shadowy runway.

Now, let the record show that I am not a Wang hater, there are many a nay sayer out there, and yes, I have questioned his originality at certain points in his career, but in the last couple seasons, especially FW09, I really thought our relationship was growing, deepening, that we were really connecting. And then this! Business suits, reconstructed albeit, but still. Come oooon! Alex is meant to be the voice of the street, the hipster hero... and I get it, like anyone else, there's got to be an evolution, enough with the "contemporary" jabs already, but I can't help but feel like this is a desperate attempt to get his membership to the "High-fashion" club approved.

So, what is a young hipster designer to do, if he wants to be truly taken seriously by his haute peers? Well, Im no expert, but in my never to be humble opinion, I would say you stick to what is your signature, what represents who you are, and not what you think other people are looking for you to be, and allow yourself to grow within that. For me its about taking all that leather and denim, and expanding the color pallette, playing with new fabric choices (circa Spring 2010)... possibly even refining the look you love so much, going the way of a younger, street, YSL via Stefano Pilati. I mean that's where I thought this whole thing was going, and to be honest, Im not even attached. Wherever Wang thought he needed to go next to take himself to the next level in his career, or expand on his signature street chic, I would have happily followed along... But this, this I was not prepared for. And perhaps it has to do with the fact that I couldnt help feeling like alot of these looks just looked like someone had cut apart some 80's business suits and randomly sewed them back together. (I cringe to even think such thoughts!)

Of course it wasnt all arts n' crafts fair.. I thought there were quite a few gems in this show. Loved those leg warmers, and the shoes this season...J'adore. The floor sweaping motorcycle jacket and the high-waisted calf legnth skirts with those cut-outs at the hip? I die! (Thanks Rachel Zoe) THIS to me is Wang at his greatest! THis is Wang doing Wang! and doing it like no one else can. This makes sense.. I dont want to stunt his growth, but this show was just so all over the shop that I found it hard to know whose show I was watching from look to look. But there were some of those amazingly redeeming moments in there that reminded me that it was the Alex I know... the Alex I love.

The Highs and the Lows...