Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well smack my ass and call me Judy!

OK! I will now proceed to insert foot into mouth. And I've never been happier to do it! Almost a week ago, I wrote a peice about ethnic models rarely if ever being featured in the world of high fashion (see "The Color Code"). I had resigned to this well known fact, based on my conclusion that even when they are, its like a wave that is sure to roll out. Typically, the fashion community has treated ethnic models like high waisted jeans, the color black or shoulder pads... a disposable trend. 
Well! French Vogue was like, Shut yo mouth! and is now slated to feature the one, the only, the beautiful, the black, Rose Cordero on the cover of their March issue! Tres magnifique! I would expect nothing less from my favorite Conde Nasty publication. Carine Roitfeld has never been afraid to step outside the box, turn around, pick up the box, and proceed to tear to shreads, and this is why we love her so. Oh Carine, let me count the ways!

Photo c/o Theybf

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