Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spawn of Costa

I just had a showgasm. ok I made that up. But I had to come up with someway to explain what happened to me when I saw this little peice of heaven. I get all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at it again. :)

Cushnie et Octs

I feel like Francisco Costa just had a baby and her name is Cushnie et Octs. Not to put these talented girls and this beautiful collection in the shadows of a giant, because the truth is that they've proven they can hold their own. But rather, this a compliment to out-do all compliments. What Cushnie et Octs has managed to do is translate chic minimalism the Calvin Klein collection is so famous for, for the younger generation.

Take for example the Swarovski encrusted tops, Francisco's head would probably spin in excorcist like fashion if you brought a Swarovski within 20 feet of his cool confections, but its details like this that make Cushnie the Calvin Klein collection for the 20 something (and dare I say under 20) set. As much as I love Costa's collections for Calvin Klein, and I do loooove, I can't help but feel about it the way I sometimes feel about Lady Gaga: I sincerely appreciate the talent, but its just not really MY thing. On the same token, I count Francisco Costa among my favorite designers, so trust me when I say, this is not a jab.
                                                                Cushnie                                                 Calvin

I think what strikes me the most in the Cushnie show is they've really thought about every detail. The pony hair skirt with the broken seams, that beautifully fluid silk dress with the cutout at the chest, the sheer panneled leather dress, and the shoes! They've considered everything, right down to the leather rosettes on those pretty little gloves.

Of course, I could have done without some of the looks Octs sent down the runway, the steely grey cocktail dresses I found a little below the high taste level they set for themselves in the other 30 or so looks, but still, these girls aren't stupid. The consumer they are appealing to may have a night out or a red carpet event where she wants to feel slightly less minimal, slightly more ultra femme, and thats ok, they know their consumer and they've dressed her for every mood.

So with all this magnificence, what is there to learn from papa Costa? Well what Francisco has perfected what these ladies have yet to grasp. That is the magic and precision of a perfectly fluid show. When you see a Calvin Klein show, it flows like a beautifully told story. From gunmetal, to winter white, into signature black and just a sprinkle of periwinkle. Costa's woman is a woman, and she knows who she is and where she's going. But fear not Cushnie and Octs, you're well on your way, and with a collection like this, papa may soon be looking to you for advice.
                                                    Cushnie et Octs                                        Calvin Klein Collection

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