Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And He does it again...And again...and again..

Yes, that's right, Marc is here to bring some much needed furvor to this mundane time in the city we commonly refer to as New York fashion week. I don't love fashion week personally, but it doesn't mean I don't "get it". Its a neccessary evil, and so I have surrendered to it, and stopped complaining (well...less anyway). That said, I would like to formally thank you Marc for always coming along like a good fashion superhero to the to save the day, and give us all (nay-sayer's included) something to get amped about. Just look at that trench! The outerwear alone in this collection is enough to make a girl get all giddy. But then add in those sequin dresses with the opera gloves, the beautifully muted color pallette, and those magically tragic babydoll's and you have a perfect storm of fashion yumminess. Aaaah Marc, what do you do to me?