Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pretty Young Things

Alberta Ferretti has blown through fashion week like a breath of crisp, clean, minty fresh air. Almost every peice from this glamorous collection evokes thoughts of cotton candy, tiara's, and fanciful tea parties from childhood days. Gowns of silk and chiffon, jeweled sleaves and necklines. Its all so romantic and feminine, its actually quite refreshing. There are plenty of designers doing structured, tailored, suits circa 1960's business woman. Feretti is sticking to what she knows and what she wants her namesake collection to be known for- unapologetic femininity.

With looks like these, this label is on track to become to award show attendees what Vera Wang has been for brides, a one stop shop. And good on her, Its great to see a designer who sticks with what she believes in and perfects it to a science, while so many designers are jumping ship in favor of catering to the latest trend or critic, because lets face it, those attempts haven't been going so well (see: Wang, and V-Day). Feretti's new collection is clear and focused, and in tough economic times like these, I think she's played her hand wisely, she knows shoppers are intentional and she's built a collection to match... her bottom line is sure to benefit. Well played.

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