Monday, February 22, 2010

No Bang for the BAFTA's

Generally, I don't really pay much attention to the BAFTA awards. Winners, losers, indifferent, I could usually care less. But! here I am, blogging away, and I can not descriminate. So! Unto the breach! Here it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly (ehemm...Kristen Stewart). And whats worse than that, are the ones who didn't even bother to try... (ehemm...Kristen stewart).
Audrey Tatou looks like a Valentine's Day treat in blushing Lanvin

The thing about the BAFTA's that I can really appreciate though, is that a gorgeous confection like the Vionnet look Carry Mulligan wore on the red carpet would have been absolutely critically panned by the Hollywood fashion media, who generally have no appetite for anything that may evoke the words "risk", "chance", "forward", "fashion"... you get where I'm going with this. Even though I totally get why some people may not love this look, you've got to appreciate the dress even if its not great on her (look closely, its like watercolor on fabric). And it seems as though the same narrow minded media have all but taken out a hit on Alber Elbaz. Everytime a starlette shows up in Lanvin, she's automatically in line for a first class ticket to the worst dressed list. The only time I've actually seen the Hollywood "fashion" media, have anything good to say about a Lanvin dress was when Marillon Cotillard wore that gorgeous black number to the Golden Globes with matching silk hair ribbon and opera gloves. It was perfection, they said it was "nice.. but not quite right". Of course not, it wasn't a tall boring column. Well anyways, enough about them, here's my hits and misses from this years BAFTA's.

Carry Mulligan in a beautiful Vionette gown- Right dress, Wrong girl.

Kristen Stewart picked a dress to match her deadpan look and dull personality.

Claire Danes did Christopher Bailey proud in a shimmery nude Burberry gown.

Vera Farmiga looked stunning in Marchesa-         
although I can't help feeling like this would be more appropriate if she were walking down a church aisle punctuated by a Pastor.

Vanessa Redgrave looks amazing. Who cares who she's wearing, she's workin' out.

Good Elvira

Bad Elvira

Kate Winslet sexes it up in Stella, and good on her, she looks hot.

I give the scene-stealer award to the lovely Audrey Tatou in that sweet pink dress, she kept it fun, flirty and sweet, and she looks effortlessly lovely. She didn't get all mermaid gown on us... nothin grosses me out more than a mermaid gown. Other than that I t thought there were a lot of pretty dresses but no one's total look knocked me off my feet. It was all a bit casual I felt, and not in that casual chic Kate Mossy kinda way. . just in that eh (shoulder shrug) kinda way. Oh well. Oooon to the next!

Photos c/o The Guardian UK

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