Thursday, February 18, 2010

Proenza gets Clueless

It seems Cher Horowitz and the rest of her Clueless posse have been busy running around in their platform heels, providing inspiration for the Fall shows. Cropped tops, sheer blouses, pleated minis, and (gasp!) thigh high's! And youd be hard pressed to find a designer not showing platforms with their collection this season. Just take the Proenza boys...

I love Proenza. Its great to see a young design team who really knows who they are. Season after season they continue to dress the "cool" girl in something completely unique, different, and fresh to what you'll see on anyone elses runway. Even with the references to fashions of decades past, they continue to do it their way. Never affraid to play with texture, color, or print. Even when it seemed the only thing a cool girl could possibly be seen in was leather, denim, and studs, Proenza was off reconstructing mens dress shirts, and combining metallic, with animal print and feathers to boot! Never afraid of a little shine, never afraid to stray from the beaten path, they're off creating the cool girl while so many are catering to her, these are a few of the reasons I Jador'e these boys.

The other reason is they know how to do a mini like nobody's business, and we all know mama loves a mini! So this season they really took it there for the downtown chick. Thats right, graffiti...on the clothes, and toggle coats! Who doesnt love a toggle coat?! Especially when its been chopped at the waist. Even with those influxes of 1990's, they take it to the next level- The sheer blouses have leather collars and cuffs, the babydoll dresses have been tagged and metallicized, and the Proenza girl isnt afraid of her fur, (who needs a collar when you can flank your whole top half?!)

Well Patrick and Lazaro, I think Cher and D would be proud. And I for one couldnt be happier. Enough with the 80's already, I moving on to 1995. Who's comin with me?!

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