Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Color Code

Ok, so I know its kind of old fauder to talk about the presence, or lack thereof, of ethnic diversity in the world of high-fashion. Been there done that, seen it, heard it, read about it. And quite frankly I'm bored, because the truth is I don't know if anything has ever actually changed, or if there is just this illusion of change, since the ethnic model trend seems to roll in and out of fashion like the morning tide.

But I think its also important to give props where props are due (I can't believe I just said props...twice), and this month the credit goes to Interview, W, AND V. Sitting here on my laptop, I couldn't help but notice a colorful common thread amongst the covers of these three magazines on my end table: they are all adorned with faces of black artists. Grant it, they're not models, but bloggers can't be choosers and I'll take what I can get.

Now maybe fashion doesn't deserve all the credit for this revelation, maybe its the artists who have worked hard and stood out in their respective fields, so much so that the fashion industry couldn't help but take notice and react to the sways of pop-culture. Alas, I fear we may have chicken/egg situation on our hands people, and we all know that question never never been conclusively answered, so I won't attempt to crack the case now.

I also won't dare be so brazen as to make some blanketed social commentary about the significance of this moment based on one months editorial run, but I do think it worth mentioning, however fleeting the moment may be.

So I'll just say, Bravo! Congrats to all invloved! To the editors and the artists, and the biggest congratulations to all of us fashion, film, and music fans who get to reap the rewards of such a mergence. We get to see the artists who are making the biggest splash at the moment, without bias, being embraced by the fashion world to which we pledge our undying allegiance, with every click of a blog, and swipe of a credit card. So cheers I say! Tre magnifique!
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