Sunday, February 28, 2010


Ok so the Milan shows have been going on for like 2 days now and I've just been pretending like they aren't because I feel this quicksand type of effect happening to me when I actually click on one of those pretty little pictures on Before I know it its 5 hours later and I'm going through detail shots of McQueen boots from like 2003. So ok, here it is. Cover me, Im going in.

First up... Versace-

I wouldn't normally probably even cover Versace because well, if you don't have anything nice to say...
And this collection really wasn't any exception. The thing I thought was really interesting is that for a fashion house that's been around for over 30 years, the collection came across as a designer struggling to figure out who she is. Now I may not like what Versace's got to say season after season, but atleast she stays in her lane. Shes glam, shes body-con, shes over the top, and she loves it.

Well all of a sudden, apparently shes decided to ditch who she is and roll with the trends, and as body-con may be taking a back seat for a while, she's experimenting with something very...umm..different.

She started with a wool coat with fur arms paired with a yellow skirt in a fabric I can only describe as aluminum, and do I really need to start in on those leather legwarmers? I say no. She traversed in and out of leather motorcycle pants, some with built in chaps, and paired these asymetrically/geometrically cut skirts with well... everything. It wasn't until about look 32 that I was able to relax my eyebrows >:/ and remember whose show I was watching. The kicker, was that at the end of the show, its almost as if she was just like, "F it!" and went straight back to what she wanted to be doing the whole time anyways. I'm still scratching my head about this one...

On a positive note though, I do think the vynil futuristic mini dresses will be very popular this season editorially, and the white gown with the cut-outs isn't half bad. I'm predicting A-list celeb at award show in this one fairly soon. Too bad the Grammy's are over, its such a Grammy gown. Anyways, I'm babbling now, here are the pictures.

And then the Versace show began...

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