Monday, May 10, 2010

Paolo Roversi is trying to kill me.

Ok so lets face it, everything I post on here is the most beautiful, most amazing thing I've ever seen (to date anyways), or else what's the point of me posting it. So- I won't preface this the way I normally do something that leaves me breathless, that is "What can I say about this?", Yes- I do realize I say that alot. But seriously, sometimes something is so remarkeable so awe inspiring that I think, what words can I possibly put together to form what kind of sentence, that would be equal to the beauty my eyes are beholding? Well, such was the question in my head when I saw... this...

Vogue Italia April 2010 Paolo Roversi "A White Story"

Have you ever seen anything so beautifuly lit, ever? In your life? For a "white story" there is so much color and depth and fullness. I'm not a photographer nor do I have any aspiration to be, but if I did, I would study everything that Paolo Roversi ever did, because as far as Im concerned he is the best of the best. He's remarkeable. Obv not just based on this story, but this story would be cause enough to make that statement.

I throw rose petals at your feet Paolo Roversi. I just want to gently rub my cheek against yours. Wait is that a weird thing to say? Ah whatevs.

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