Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anybody out there?

Ok so there are a few things.
1. Yes Im aware that I havent blogged in about 2 weeks now. actually I think we're approaching 3, but who's counting.
2. The Met Gala last night, so much to say, so much to loove and a few things to loathe (youd think it was Kristen Stewarts lot in life to give me material.)
And third....the image that has snapped me out of my boredom and altogether indifference toward anything going on currently, and brought me hurriedly back to the blogosphere...well.... you just look for yourself... There's alot to cover so lets get started, shall we?
First up, this is Joan Smalls in "Shrink to Fit" by Steven Meisel for April Vogue Italia... also in this story, Amber Valetta, Abbey Lee, Angela Lindvall, Lara Stone, Freja Beha and a few others. HOWEVER... this image in particular actually caused me gasp and fall back on to the bar stool behind me. And that is not an exageration for effect. I literally had to sit. Grant it, the picture quality here is not as great as it is when you see the real living image in the magazine, but you can get the idea. She looks amazing. And that gorgeous lighting, her skin looks like porcelain. Its done like only Meisel can do it. The story is a series of portraits featuring models wearing clothes way too small for them. A parody of the ongoing controversy in which models are continuously forced into way too small samples. Leaving them with the option to "shrink to fit" or hit the road. Of course the third option would be going the way of Crystal Rehn and say F it and go up 4 dress sizes, all the while raking in more cash than most of your underweight counterparts combined, and being hailed by Oprah... If you should be so fortunate that is.
 Ive been oooing and aahing over Joan Smalls since I saw her in the fw10 shows, but word around the way is that she's been on the scene for a while doing well in money-making catalogue but just recently hit the big time. And if anyone was unsure as to her future in this business, Steven Meisel has come along and cemented her handprints into the model fast track. Catch her if you can.

Next up, the Met...

Click below to see more of Joan and the gang.

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