Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've realized that ive just got to STOP overthinking this blog. I started out just writing about whatever little thing sparked my interest or struck my fancy (I like that better), and then at some point I started over-anylizing what I was writing about and if it was smart enough, sophisticated enough or interesting enough. Well, im over it. So now Im just going back to what I like and want to write about, and some will care, others won't be able to care less. But hell! Its a blog! Not the New York Times! So ya wanna hear it? Here it go...

Current obsession:

So the other day, I'm walking down my street to the 99 cent store, as I often do, and as I am crossing my street I suddenly see someone hop out of an SUV, which as I get closer, I realize is...GASP!...Alexander Wang! Now, I know, I know, I can't make up my mind about this kid. I'm into him, I'm over him, all in one article (if you can call these articles), BUT! that was all before my friends and I spotted him at Coachella, and then proceeded to bum rush him for a picture. It was in that moment that I realized how much I truly love him (single tear). So all this brings me to my actual point which is my current obsession....

Well obsessionzzzz.

1. The Alexander Wang leopard spotted Diego bucket bag
2. The Alexander Wang Anoucke Beatle Boots from pre-fall

Now I don't happen to currently have an extra two grand lying around, (living bicoastal aint cheap). But, when I do, and that's a when not an if, they are on my list of must-haves. I told ya'll Ive got a thing for the leapoard and it can not be controlled. And as if that weren't enough, it has feet! Little metal feet on the bottom of the bag...ugh so good. And those boots, I mean...comeon...need I say more? What can't you wear these with, better yet, what won't I wear these with? Especially come Fall?? The answer is nothing...on both accounts. Btw- Just to keep it extra Wangy, they've got metal in the cutout of the heel, just a little detail love makes aaall the difference.

I love you Alex. I hope we can put our troubled past behind us. Swooooon.

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