Sunday, June 6, 2010

Listen Up

So over the past two days I have been in sunny Palm Springs California ringing in my bff's birthday with lots of sun and relaxation. Generally on trips to Palm Springs there's not much to do except lay by the pool, swim, and eat. And in this case, listen to music. Which brings to my point. And that is, Drake's much anticipated "first" album entitled "Thank Me Later". I started listening to it on Friday night because a friend had the leaked version on his ipod and have spent practically the whole weekend listening to it on repeat ever since. I just could not get enough of this album. My favorite tracks which include "You can Thank me now" ( a bit of a Jay-Z vibe on the hook I think), and "Fireworks" feat Alicia Keys are just 2 of the 14 tracks on this album and I don't think there is one that I don't love. Truth be told I don't have anything particulary witty to say about this album, all I know is I could not wait to get back to civilization and internet so that I could share how good it is.

Although some may comment that Drake sings too much or his music is generally for girls because of the lyrical content, (often focused on past love and relationship woes), I personally couldn't disagree more. Yes he sings on some of the tracks, but considering he sings well I dont see why thats a problem. There are always those people who want to keep hip-hop in a box and criticize anyone who steps outside of it, but I think you have to allow music to grow, no matter what genre, and allow artists to experiment and try new things for the sake of the music itself. There are some of those heart felt tracks centered around love and relationships but he doesn't skimp on the grit and street talk so don't worry, hard core hip-hop fans won't be dissapointed, there's plenty of the mixtape Drake we all know. His smoothe delivery and witty lyrics are everpresent and combined with strong production that will have you bopping your head in unison with every beat. On top of that you really feel his passion, his pain, and connect with the music, which for me is what music is all about anyways. My final answer- This is one of the best hip hop albums from beginning to end I've heard in a while and im sure all of those critics will be playing it on repeat come tuesday. Run don't walk.

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