Monday, June 14, 2010

Hollywood Forever

Typically if a guy asked to take me on a date in a cemetery my response would go something like this: ummm... ya know actually, I just realized I have to wash my hair that night. And every night for the rest of my life (Insert dial tone here).

However yesterday when said question was proposed, I thought, hmmm, this is weird, but its so weird, that I think I just might be into it. So being the brave dater I am, I agreed and decided to just be open. Well as it turns out, when I told a couple people that I was going to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch a movie, I wasn't met with the furrowed eyebrows I had forseen coming my way. But rather, oh ya! Ive heard of that, its supposed to be really cool. Ok, so clearly their on whatever homedude is on, and I'm just gonna have to judge this one for myself.

Well low and behold, when we arrived, blankets and bottles in hand, I felt like I had been time warped to 1967 woodstock, and somewhere along the way the time machine went haywire and brought along some familiar faces from Coachella to make a general vibe of awesomeness! A sea of people with blankets and boose, a DJ pumping out the best of the early 70's and against the backwall of the mosaleum, beautiful vintage movie posters are projected in a steady stream, with the unmistakeable smell of a certain 3 leaf plant floating throughout the crowd of silverlake hipsters on a warm summer night. Amaaaazing.

Last night they screened the movie "Blow Up" featuring a young Vanessa Redgrave, about a fashion photographer who mistakenly photographs a murder. Trust me it sounds better than it is- we left the movie still unsure of what exactly had just happened. But visually a really beautiful film, as most of them were back then. Next weeks feature- Phillip Kaufman's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", followed the next week by "Midnight Cowboy" featuring a couple of young actors you may have heard of once or twice.

Even though I now realize that Cinespia is in its 10th season, I figure if I'm from this town and have never heard of it, maybe some of you haven't either. And if youre living in LA or just passing through, this is definitely worth checking out on a Sunday night. See you there! :)

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