Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go-Go Gaga

Ok- its official. I have crossed over to the dark side. The dark side being the Lady Gaga side. And yes, its pretty shady over here. But after watching this video I just couldn't fight it anymore... and trust me, I tried. But truth be told this is the best music video I've seen since probably the early 90's when the inspirations for this video were in full spin and MTV was still playing music videos. That is, the video's I grew up watching and emulating with my cousins and sisters were in rotation, not the least of which was Janet Jackson, who in my opinion ruled the music video world in conjunction with big brother Michael. Not to knock Madonna of course, because we all know she reigned supreme in pushing the limits of sexuality and "societal regulations" of "appropriateness".  Well between the two of those ladies the envelope was pushed pretty much off the edge. And now Lady Gaga has come along to pick up where those ladies left off, and she didn't skimp on paying homage to her predecessors. Whether intentional or not almost all of the images in this video bring back a memory of Janet Jackson's "Rythym Nation", and where those leave off, the wide spectrum of Madonna references pick up.

I'm not saying its a totally original concept but its about time someone has come along to take the reigns that Madonna and Janet held, and force people to question their ideas of right and wrong, and challenge the religiosity that has formed societies rules. Yes we've had our share of Brittany's and Xtina's, but its not just about "getting dirty" and grinding on poles. Its about the message being conveyed in the lyrics, and in this particular song Gaga is bringing the militaries 'Dont ask Dont tell' policy to the light and exposing it for how truly ridiculous, out-dated, and prejudice it is. And it does that with thanks in no small part to the genius of both legendary photographer-come-music-video-director Steven Klein, and Gaga's costume designer/stylist Nicola Formichetti. The video reminds me of what motion picture is meant to be, this video looks like a beautiful editorial story literally put into motion. Every frame is rich and interesting and the styling is done to perfection in every detail. The rubber nun habit's, the opening scene of chiseled men dressed in fishnets and military hats with pumps, the leather shirt, tie, and trench on the antagonist at the end, and the set design to detail is unattended to.

There will always be some people with negative things to say about anything untraditional. But lets face it, its pretty sad, that 25 years after Madonna kicked off the crusade, people are still as up-in-arms as they were then about a video where ADULTS freely express their sexuality... I thought this was 2010 people. I may not plan to show this to my 6 year old neice any time soon, but lets stop with the shock and awe act everytime a woman does a pelvic thrust. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. Check it for yourself.

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